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Child Custody

Top Five “To Dos” During or After Your Child Custody Case

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody

1) Be reasonable when it comes to child custody visitation schedules. You may be the one asking for flexibility the next time and need the favor returned. 2) Send receipts for medical bills with both the statement of what was done and… Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Summertime Child Custody

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody

With school out of session, summer provides great opportunities for parents to enjoy more time with their children. Understandably, for divorced parents, this time can also present challenges and conflicts as they seek to spend as much quality time with… Read More

Summer Break Child Custody and Visitation Schedules

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody

Summer break often presents challenges when it comes to child custody and visitation for divorced parents and their kids. In Alabama, the courts encourage parents to work together to create a schedule that gives both parents frequent contact with the… Read More

Father’s Rights and Custody

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody, Divorce

Representing Father’s in Custody Battles I’ve represented a lot of men in custody and divorce cases. Fathers often want (and deserve) sole or joint custody of their children. A problem arises, though, if they’ve been the primary breadwinner, allowing the… Read More

What Are the Options for Child Custody in Huntsville?

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody

People have many different concerns when they are dealing with a divorce in Alabama, but few areas are as important to parents as custody of children. Both parents involved in a divorce naturally will have strong feelings about their custody… Read More

Can I Get Custody If I’m a Father?

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Ask Leigh, Child Custody

Yes! I’ve represented many clients over the years who have been awarded custody of their child. Winning Custody as the Father In one such case my client had only dated the Mother for a few months. She became pregnant and… Read More

Getting Through the Holidays When Separated or Divorcing

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody, Divorce

The holidays are often thought of as a time to be with family, but that central dynamic changes when a couple is divorcing or has separated. When a couple has a child, the holidays can be especially stressful. Custody during… Read More

Family Care and Recovery

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody, Divorce, Uncategorized

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved. This means that it is essential that all parties take into consideration emotional health. With this in mind, we offer insights into children and how to help them through the divorce process as… Read More

Surviving the Holidays During or After a Divorce

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody, Divorce

With the arrival of the holiday season, there can be mixed emotions, whether it is a happy and jovial time for those spending time with their friends and families,  or a difficult time for those going through or after a… Read More

Santa’s Watching: 10 Tips to Avoid a Holiday Custody Fight

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Child Custody

Santa is pretty predictable. Each year, he comes on December 24th to the delight of children all over the world. As predictable as holiday visitation squabbles. Forgive me for not publishing this sooner, but speaking from years of practicing family law I’ve… Read More

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