Legal Fee Financing

Many clients tell us that they are looking to get divorced, but worry that they cannot afford the divorce process. Fortunately, here at Leigh Daniel Family Law, we offer financing through a third party financing company for clients facing all legal stages of divorce. Whether you are going through a custody battle, or fighting for alimony, we want our clients to get the representative they deserve without the fear of payments they cannot afford.

Legal Financing Option

The divorce process is costly, and not everyone can afford the upfront payments along side their other monthly costs and debts. As a law firm that cares about the happiness and welfare of their clients, Leigh Daniel Family Law has paired up with a third party financing company to ensure that clients do not have to stress about payments on top of the stresses of divorce. This process allows clients to find third-party financing options quickly and easily. The third party financing company we utilize offers a platform with financing offers of up to $50,000. Individuals with credit scores as low as 600 can be approved for these financing options. Rates can be as low as 5.99%, with offer terms up to 6 months.

The lender funds come to you so that you are able to afford your retainer fee. This is a great way to ensure that you have the representation you deserve without having to pay right out of pocket. Once the funds have been received, you can pay the amount lent to you to Leigh Daniel Family Law. Please call our office at (256) 551-0500 for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Request a Legal Financing Option

Please fill out a consultation form on our contact page or give our office a call at (256) 551-0500 to learn more about how affordable quality representation can be for you. We look forward to helping you.

DISCLAIMER: The  third-party vender with which Leigh Daniel Family Law has negotiated an ongoing relationship. Leigh Daniel Family Law has no other function in the financing process. The firm is not responsible for the application and approval process, loan origination, loan structure, collections procedures, nor for any other aspect of lender practices for any applicant.