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Seeking to enlarge your family through adoption is a life-changing decision. Would-be adoptive parents in Alabama need to understand that Alabama adoption laws make it a lengthy and complicated process.

At Leigh Daniel Family Law, our Huntsville, Alabama adoption attorneys help adoptive parents proceed with confidence and peace of mind as they focus on their family’s future.

The guiding principle of Leigh Daniel Family Law is that we represent adoptive parents and families as they seek to make major, positive changes in their lives. Our family law firm prides itself on staying focused on our client’s best interests. We provide individual attention and tailored legal work that targets each client’s expressed needs and goals.

If you’re actively considering adoption in Alabama and want to learn more, please contact an adoption lawyer for a consultation. We can help you understand the path ahead, your rights and responsibilities as adoptive parents, the rights of a child’s birth parents, and what to expect. Reach out online or call us at (256) 692-1275. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Understanding the Adoption Process in Alabama

Adoption is the legal process in which a child born to one set of parents becomes the child and legal responsibility of another parent or parents. Alabama allows any minor child or disabled adult to be adopted.

Adoptions are typically arranged through a private adoption agency, the Alabama Department of Human Resources (foster care adoption), or by a stepparent or another close relative.

If you are interested in adopting a child from overseas, an adoption lawyer can speak to you about the Hague Adoption Convention and which countries participate in the Hague adoption process.

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Basic requirements set forth by Alabama law for prospective parents to adopt a child in Alabama

  • The adoptive parents must be more than 19 years old.
  • Being in a stable marriage that has lasted at least 3 years — if married. (Singles can also adopt in Alabama.)
  • One of the parents must be a U.S. citizen.
  • The parents must be healthy enough to meet one or more child’s needs.
  • The parent must have adequate housing and personal space for the child who will be adopted.

To adopt an underage child, you must obtain consent from the child’s legal parent(s) or from the Department of Human Resources (DHR), if the child’s parents have lost their parental rights. Under Alabama adoption law, a child who has turned 14 years old must consent to be adopted unless a court finds they lack appropriate mental capacity.

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The DHR or adoption agency will also require

  • A thorough background check, including a criminal background check.
  • Character references.
  • Establishing that you have a regular source of income that makes you capable of meeting your family’s financial needs.
  • A home study, in which a representative of the adoption agency or DHR will meet with you at your home to gather information used to determine your suitability as adoptive parents.

An adoption agency or child-placing agency may impose requirements that go further than the state requirements above. If the biological parents play a role in placing a child for adoption, they can impose whatever criteria they want.

If Leigh Daniel Family Law represents you as you adopt a child, we will make sure you are aware of the adoption requirements every step of the way. We will make sure the paperwork is completed accurately and handle the court filings to avoid delays. We will work with the agency, DHR, and/or the birth mother to ensure consent for adoption has been secured. We will help you prepare for the home study meeting. If there’s a concern after the home study, we will work to mitigate its impact or resolve it entirely.

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Ultimately, the county probate court in the county where you live (in Huntsville, the Madison County Probate Judge’s Office) will conduct a hearing on approval of your adoption. We will represent you and argue for your interests in court. Most adoptions are primarily a matter of completing the process without errors or omissions. But we will be prepared to handle any complications that arise.

Our adoption lawyers will have your back if the adoption is contested by the child’s biological parent or another blood relative who claims a legal right to adopt the child. If a best interest hearing is required, your attorney will be prepared to persuade the court that you are the most capable of providing the child with a permanent and stable life.

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At Leigh Daniel Family Law, our Huntsville adoption lawyers are dedicated to handling the legal requirements as you prepare for the adoption of a child. We will be responsive to your needs and questions throughout the adoption process. We will dedicate the time and resources to ensure your adoption is as smooth and efficient as possible.

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