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The Different Types of Alimony in Huntsville, AL

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Alimony, Divorce

In most marriages, the income levels of the two spouses will differ slightly or significantly. When spouses decide to divorce, one of the most challenging issues to navigate is how finances will be split. For both parties’ needs to be… Read More

Stay-at-Home Moms and Divorce

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce

Preparing for divorce involves more than filing a complaint with the court, or even just hiring an attorney. There are legal, emotional, parental, and financial aspects to attend to when deciding to end your marriage.  For stay-at-home parents, divorce presents… Read More

Does the Gender of Your Divorce Attorney Matter?

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce

If you’ve decided to file for divorce, or if your spouse has served you with divorce papers, it is crucial to hire an attorney you can trust to help protect your interests. There is a lot to think about when… Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Divorce Letter

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce

Deciding how and when to tell your partner that you want a divorce is extremely difficult. Everyone’s situation is unique when it comes to divorce. You and your partner may have been discussing divorce for some time, or it may… Read More

5 Common Mistakes People Make While Going Through a Divorce

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce

Life is constantly changing in ways we might never have expected. Sometimes divorce is one of those life-altering moments. Don’t rush into the process unprepared. Take the time to think about your situation and beware of some of the most… Read More

Is Mediation Right for Me? What Are the Pros and Cons?

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce, Mediation, Mediation

Mediation is a common form of alternative dispute resolution that allows people to privately work out legal agreements to certain contested issues. Mediation can work very well in divorce cases when both spouses are willing to compromise on disputes. Mediation… Read More

DIY Divorce: Why You Should Think Twice About Filing Without an Attorney’s Help

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce

Getting a divorce is like ripping off a bandage – it’s painful no matter what, and you want to get it over as quickly as possible. Some couples try to rush the process and settle the divorce on their own,… Read More

Leigh Daniel Published On Elephant Journal: Divorce for Optimists

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Ask Leigh, Divorce

Recently, Leigh Daniel was published on the Elephant Journal for her article “Divorce for Optimists.” In this article, she discusses how divorce can actually be refreshing and allow people to find themselves again. Whether they were in an abusive relationship,… Read More

Leigh Daniel Featured in Divorce

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Ask Leigh, Divorce, Uncontested Divorce

Leigh Daniel has recently been published on in her article “Should You Contest Your Divorce? A Divorce Professional Answers.” In this piece, Leigh discusses 2 clients that came in to speak with her. #1) Had been married for only… Read More

Mediation vs. Litigation in Divorce

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce, Mediation

Divorce does not always have to be an adversarial process. Mediation is one alternative to litigation that can allow some couples to create a divorce agreement by working together instead of against each other. If you are considering divorce in… Read More

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