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Huntsville Alabama Divorce Blog

Mindset after Divorce

by |This is NOT legal advice podcast

Dating and Your Divorce

by |Adultery
dating and divorce

Years ago, I had a client tell me the reason he was getting divorced was because his wife didn’t realize she had to quit dating when they got married. Obviously, you shouldn’t date while you are married. Right? But when… Read More

Divorce Misconceptions: Separation

by |Divorce
couple separation

In my time as a family law attorney, I have found several misconceptions that are held by the general public regarding divorce. One such misconception involves the topic of Separation. “We have to get a separation before a divorce, right?”… Read More

Social Media and Your Divorce

by |Divorce
Gavel and wedding rings representing divorce process

I don’t know why this is so hard for people to grasp, but your social media CAN be used against you in a trial. Despite privacy settings, it’s very possible that your posting is going to be accessible. If it’s… Read More

How to Get Custody: Let’s Talk About Extracurricular Activities

by |Child Custody
Child custody attorneys in Huntsville

I’ve been talking about the various legal custody designations.  If you haven’t read the other articles, go back and read those first.   I am not going to break down all six categories of decision-making in custody agreements in Alabama.  Instead,… Read More

Divorce Misconceptions: Abandonment

by |Divorce
family abandonment

I cannot tell you the number of times I have been asked this question in some iteration; “He moved out of the house, that means I can get him for abandonment, right?” or “I can’t move out because that would… Read More

A Father’s Day Lesson

by |Mindset
father and son bonding

Father’s Day was last Sunday and I’ve been talking to some of my Father clients about their role in their children’s lives. Especially when the divorce first happens, whether you are Mom or Dad, you may feel guilty.  You are… Read More

What’s the cost of getting divorced?

by |Divorce
what's the cost of divorcing?

Anyone who works at my front desk can give you the answer to what it costs to get divorced. It depends on the case. I’ve been asked this so many times I often reference my lack of a crystal ball…. Read More

July 3rd is the New Market Family Freedom Fest!

by |Events

$5 Ticket proceeds go to the Bobbie Watkins Odom Food Bank. Come celebrate family and freedom! Time and date: 5pm – 9pm, July 3rd, 2021. Address: Leigh Acres 5655 Maysville Road New Market, AL 35761 United States          … Read More

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