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Huntsville Alabama Divorce Blog

Potcakes: Meet The Animals At Leigh Daniel Law Firm

by |Mindset
Dogs in the office at Huntsville Divorce Law Firm

When people come in and see my beautiful dog they often wonder at her strange name.  Pancake?  Pockets?  Hotcakes? No, no, Potcakes! Meet Potcakes! Her name is Potcakes because that is what she is! She is a Potcake Dog. These… Read More

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

by |Mindset
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. You might see purple ribbons hanging on doors, wrapped around trees, pinned to lapels, or displayed in other ways around town or on social media. The purple ribbons are meant to raise awareness to… Read More

10 Questions about Adultery

by |Adultery
An adultery lawyer can help couples with divorce

1) Will I still have to give them any of my retirement if I can prove adultery? We are not a community property state and what will be awarded is dependent on the years married but generally, adultery is not… Read More

Is a Fast Divorce Possible?

by |Uncontested Divorce
Mallet in Court Room

I suppose this is subjective so if you are looking for a quicky divorce that’s not going to happen in Alabama.  Our Courts hold onto the uncontested divorce for thirty days once it’s filed with the Court.  Besides the thirty-day… Read More

Never Give Up Hope

by |Mindset
Never give up hope in difficult times

Today is September 11. Like most Americans, I can remember where I was and what I was doing when the planes hit the Towers. However, this year, it’s a Day that got lost in human tragedies.  Between Irma, Harvey, the… Read More

Cheating Spouse? 6 Reasons Not To Hire An Investigator

by |Adultery
Should you hire a private detective to prove your spouse is cheating? Divorce attorney Leigh Daniel gives 6 reasons not to hire one.

First off, sometimes you just want to know. It’s burning you from the inside out. You want to know if your spouse is cheating on you. I’m not talking about this motivation. That’s something ONLY you can decide. I’m going to… Read More

How to Get an Uncontested Divorce

by |Uncontested Divorce
Call Leigh Daniel Family Law when you believe it's time for a divorce.

The first step is to determine if your spouse is going to be willing to agree to an uncontested divorce.  Ideally you have gone over the proposed terms before you come in to see your lawyer.  This will make your… Read More

An Unexpected Comfort During a Divorce

by |Mindset
animals and divorce

When one is going through a difficult time in their life, one may gain comfort in the most unexpected ways. My father recently died and my mom has had to come to grips with living alone after being with my… Read More

Care For Yourself & Your Kids During Your Divorce

by |Divorce
Your kids are top priority during a divorce

In my recent newsletter, I featured blog articles from Sara Ann, “Taking Care of Yourself Through Meditation,” and Caroline Palmy’s “Divorce and How to Help Your Kids.” The newsletter also features Jeanni Jones’ “Fair Fighting in a Divorce.” Please take… Read More

Is a Low Cost Divorce Really Possible?

by |Divorce
Costs During Divorce Could be High

Divorces tend to be expensive.  Some of my clients tell me they stay married just to avoid the cost of the divorce!  But there are tactics to keep your costs down. Meet with a lawyer before you approach your spouse… Read More

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