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Vivid Visualizations for a New Life

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Divorce, Mindset

What’s the next step in your life after one chapter comes to an end?  How do you create a fulfilling life?  It all starts with visualization, according to Susan Ball.  The March newsletter from Leigh Daniel includes an article written by… Read More

Domestic Violence – Men are Victims Too

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Mindset

Too often we focus on women as victims of domestic violence. True, women are the largest population of victims; however, men are victims too. Oftentimes, men suffer in silence because of the stigma attached to being “beaten up by a… Read More

Potcakes: Meet The Animals At Leigh Daniel Law Firm

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Mindset

When people come in and see my beautiful dog they often wonder at her strange name.  Pancake?  Pockets?  Hotcakes? No, no, Potcakes! Meet Potcakes! Her name is Potcakes because that is what she is! She is a Potcake Dog. These… Read More

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Mindset

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. You might see purple ribbons hanging on doors, wrapped around trees, pinned to lapels, or displayed in other ways around town or on social media. The purple ribbons are meant to raise awareness to… Read More

Never Give Up Hope

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Mindset

Today is September 11. Like most Americans, I can remember where I was and what I was doing when the planes hit the Towers. However, this year, it’s a Day that got lost in human tragedies.  Between Irma, Harvey, the… Read More

An Unexpected Comfort During a Divorce

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Mindset

When one is going through a difficult time in their life, one may gain comfort in the most unexpected ways. My father recently died and my mom has had to come to grips with living alone after being with my… Read More

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