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10 Questions about Adultery

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Adultery

1) Will I still have to give them any of my retirement if I can prove adultery? We are not a community property state and what will be awarded is dependent on the years married but generally, adultery is not… Read More

Cheating Spouse? 6 Reasons Not To Hire An Investigator

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Adultery

First off, sometimes you just want to know. It’s burning you from the inside out. You want to know if your spouse is cheating on you. I’m not talking about this motivation. That’s something ONLY you can decide. I’m going to… Read More

The Tech Temptation

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Adultery

Since I’ve been a practicing divorce lawyer in Madison County for over twenty years, I have seen just about every reason you can fathom for a marriage in Huntsville to break up. Since north Alabama is a mecca for technology I learned… Read More

The Bachelor: Is He Really Single?

by Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law |Adultery

It seems to be a trend lately in my practice. I have met with several people who have learned their spouse has been dating. I’m making a distinction between dating and having an affair, although one may soon turn into… Read More

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