Tips To Gain Advantage in a Court Case for Child Custody

Disputes about child custody are often the most stressful part of a divorce. It is better for all involved if a divorcing couple can come to a child custody agreement without court intervention, but that is not always possible.

If the terms of your children’s upbringing are to be decided by an Alabama court, you better have a solid legal strategy and supportive facts before you head to court. The compassionate Huntsville divorce attorneys of Leigh Daniel Family Law can help you pursue a child custody arrangement that serves the best interests of the child. We have the skills, tenacity, and dedication to help you develop a persuasive case.

Prepare Witnesses and Documents About Your Parenting

Our family law attorneys would rather help you negotiate an acceptable child custody agreement informally or through mediation. But if the negotiation of a child custody agreement is not productive, we will develop a solid legal strategy to pursue the best outcome for you and your children in court.

We’ll work to create an accurate picture of you as a good parent to your children. We’ll seek the help of family members, neighbors, teachers, and others who can submit statements on your behalf.

It’s also a good idea for you to keep a log of the time you spend with your children. Particularly if you have a visitation schedule set up, log pickups and drop-offs, late arrivals, and any changed or missed appointments. Record any observations you have about how your child acts after spending time with their other parent, especially if you notice increased anxiety, withdrawal, or hostility toward you.

Do your best to keep things civil between you and your spouse. Don’t make derogatory comments about your spouse or ex-spouse to your children. Don’t point out failings or tell anyone you are keeping tabs on your spouse.

Make Yourself the Better Parent

Alabama courts decide child custody matters according to what is in the best interests of the child. This includes considering the relationship the children have with each parent and each parent’s family and how well each parent has cared for the children.

If there are any aspects of your life that may not play to your advantage in court, now is the time to address them. We can advise you and help you minimize the impact of anything that could hurt your custody case.

Keep in touch with your children as much as possible. If your spouse is limiting your ability to see your children, don’t express your frustration to your children. Email or text your kids so there’s a record of your attempts to stay close.

Touch base with teachers when you pick up, drop off or go to see your child play. Mention the progress you have seen your child make and ask how they think the child is doing and how you might help them.

Cooperate with the court. Make sure you’ve submitted all documents required by the court, including information needed to calculate child support. If you’re required to attend the Transition in Parenting class, do so with a positive attitude.

Be careful about posting comments or photos on social media. Your spouse’s divorce attorneys can find and use anything you post to undermine your case. This is no time to put your personal life on public display. It’s best to stay off social media altogether during a divorce. If you don’t do that, make sure your presence is limited, totally positive, and family oriented.

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Our compassionate and creative legal team at Leigh Daniel Family Law will work to help you seek a  child custody arrangement that serves your child’s best interest. Contact us today to find out how we will fight for you if you are facing a complicated child custody battle.


A respected Huntsville family law attorney with more than 20 years’ experience, Leigh Daniel is known for her positive attitude and her skills in the courtroom. She prides herself in the care and compassion that she and her team put into every case. Her goal is to instill a sense of confidence in her clients so they know success is on the horizon. As an author, inspirational speaker, coach, and founder of Project Positive Change, Leigh stays focused on the positive impact she can make on every client’s case.