Leigh Daniel Family Law Is a Judgment-Free Zone

All families are different. Recent changes in federal law have extended marriage beyond the traditional “one man, one woman” model to include same-sex couples. Gay marriage has been a source of great debate in Alabama. But one thing is certain: Divorce is painful regardless of your family arrangement.

Divorce stirs up all sorts of emotions. That’s as true for a same sex divorce as it is of a straight one. Our society places a high premium on marriage. As a result, some spouses also feel a sense of shame or failure when their relationship breaks apart. The compassionate divorce lawyers at Leigh Daniel Family Law provide judgment-free legal representation to clients with both conventional and alternative relationships and lifestyles.

The following five values reflect our commitment to making our family law firm a judgment-free zone:

  1. We help all people. Divorce is painful enough without fearing that your attorney disapproves of your personal decisions. Every family has its own unique beliefs. That includes spiritual affiliations and extends far beyond to include everyday choices such as what to eat or wear. Being vegan or dressing differently from what society expects of your assigned gender does not change your rights under the law when it comes to a divorce. It absolutely does not impact how our attorneys feel about you as clients or as human beings.
  2. We know that families come in all shapes and sizes. Every family is unique, no matter whether its foundations are conventional, a common-law marriage, an LGBTQ partnership or other arrangement. We know how the law applies to families of all types with regards to division of property, uncontested divorceappealsalimonychild custodyspousal support and other aspects of divorce.
  3. We recognize that everyone makes mistakes. None of us will make it through life without making mistakes. Some choices have legal ramifications and may play a significant role in the outcome of your divorce case, such as adultery or substance abuse. Our attorneys handle these private matters without bias and focus on building a positive environment for our clients.
  4. We handle sensitive cases with understanding. Every divorce is sensitive, and some involve a partner or partners who struggle with depression, alcoholism or other mental health problems. We understand the unique impact that those issues can have on a family’s wellbeing. We handle those family law matters in the courts with compassion and care.
  5. We know that trust is earned. Couples with alternative lifestyles or relationships are often the victims of prejudice, and there is a lot at stake in a divorce. We understand why individuals approach a family law firm with caution. But our lawyers are dedicated to earning your confidence by providing quality family law services without discrimination.