Huntsville Family Law and Divorce Resources

Huntsville Family Law and Divorce Resources

At Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law, we strive to give our Huntsville family law clients all the information they need to feel confident during this difficult time in their lives. We understand how stressful legal matters involving family can be, and we want to encourage you to focus on the positive outcome you want for your case. Call us today for a family law case consultation: (256) 551-0500!

Leigh Daniel is also the founder of Project Positive Change. Please click here for more information about this project and to help you find the resources you are looking for.

Resources To Help You Before, After, And During Your Divorce

Dealing with divorce is an ongoing endeavor. In our blog, attorney Leigh Daniel shares the ins and outs of family law issues with tips on how to stay positive even through the most trying times.

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#InnerWisdomProject: an opportunity for women to celebrate International Women’s Day for a whole year. I am interviewing 365 women around the world and sharing their #InnerWisdom one day at a time through video stories.

We Make You Happy is an alternative medical practitioner, a medical intuitive, and a health and evolutionary advocate. Bringing physical health in alignment with the mental, emotional and spiritual level. We Make You Happy is working for humans, no matter what age or condition as well as for animals. Martina can also bring messages from source and other souls.

Reconnecting women to their ‘Zenergy’ by enabling them to have the courage to change, the willingness to reconnect and embrace their limitless self, resulting in greater awareness, commitment and Being.

Karin Bosveld is a transformational coach who teaches you easy access to, trusting and living according to your inner wisdom. Limiting beliefs and strategic behavior we have learnt at an early age has removed us from our authentic selves and gotten us into trouble. Karin coaches you back to awareness, self-love and wisdom. You’ll feel calmer, more balanced, more trusting and self-assured. You’ll take more authentic and empowered decisions.

Marianne McGuire

I guide you to let go of struggle; that feeling of swimming against the tide of life, that causes stress, anxiety and loneliness and start living from who you really are, by deeply connecting with Divine guidance and expressing your truth and creativity, so that you can live from a peaceful place of knowing your purpose and can finally relax into life and enjoy experiencing the creative, fulfilling, juicy life you were born to live!

You can live your Deeper Destiny, which is the ultimate fulfillment AND create your life from this space (of Awareness/Who You Really Are) so that you live from the 4 Pillars in your life: Health, Wealth, Love and Perfect Self-Expression!

My work is based on a profound spiritual experience as a small child, when I received certain fundamental universal truths about reality and who we really are.

I look forward to connecting with you!

What If Wellness provides one on one transformation sessions, group training, and self-defense classes to folks who are ready for their lives to shift toward more joy and adventure. The key to our programs is a process of mindset work that retrains the fast brain to filter information in new ways that are supportive of your desired goal integrated with tapping that clears old patterns and creates new neural pathways. This allows your brain to find new solutions that were literally not possible to see or recognize before you used this approach. The process is simple, fun, and outrageously effective.
What If Cards

What If Wellness also offers a deck of cards, Quantum Shift What If cards, that can be used in combination with all of these programs or as a standalone tool for individuals to shift their thinking on a daily basis. For more information about the cards, please visit