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Huntsville Alabama Divorce Blog

Summer Break Child Custody and Visitation Schedules

by |Child Custody
Summer Child Visitation Schedule

Summer break often presents challenges when it comes to child custody and visitation for divorced parents and their kids. In Alabama, the courts encourage parents to work together to create a schedule that gives both parents frequent contact with the… Read More

Leigh Daniel Published On Elephant Journal: Divorce for Optimists

by |Ask Leigh, Divorce

Recently, Leigh Daniel was published on the Elephant Journal for her article “Divorce for Optimists.” In this article, she discusses how divorce can actually be refreshing and allow people to find themselves again. Whether they were in an abusive relationship,… Read More

Leigh Daniel Featured in Divorce

by |Ask Leigh, Divorce, Uncontested Divorce

Leigh Daniel has recently been published on in her article “Should You Contest Your Divorce? A Divorce Professional Answers.” In this piece, Leigh discusses 2 clients that came in to speak with her. #1) Had been married for only… Read More

Mediation vs. Litigation in Divorce

by |Divorce, Mediation

Divorce does not always have to be an adversarial process. Mediation is one alternative to litigation that can allow some couples to create a divorce agreement by working together instead of against each other. If you are considering divorce in… Read More

The Cheap Uncontested Divorce

by |Divorce
cost of divorce in Alabama

Tips for a Cheap Divorce in Alabama Concerned about what your divorce may cost you and your son-to-be former spouse? Review the tips below for valuable information on how to keep your divorce as cost efficient as possible. Come to… Read More

Father’s Rights and Custody

by |Child Custody, Divorce
child custody rights for fathers

Representing Father’s in Custody Battles I’ve represented a lot of men in custody and divorce cases. Fathers often want (and deserve) sole or joint custody of their children. A problem arises, though, if they’ve been the primary breadwinner, allowing the… Read More

Leigh Daniel – As Featured in Forbes

by |Uncategorized
Forbes Leigh Daniel

Positivity in the Workplace with Leigh Daniel “Leigh Daniel is a leading family attorney who tripled her gross income to the seven-figure mark by promoting a positive, peaceful approach to divorce. Since she began practicing law in 1994, Daniel, founder of… Read More

What Are the Options for Child Custody in Huntsville?

by |Child Custody
different child custody options in Huntsville

People have many different concerns when they are dealing with a divorce in Alabama, but few areas are as important to parents as custody of children. Both parents involved in a divorce naturally will have strong feelings about their custody… Read More

Can I Get Custody If I’m a Father?

by |Ask Leigh, Child Custody
child custody rights for fathers

Yes! I’ve represented many clients over the years who have been awarded custody of their child. Winning Custody as the Father In one such case my client had only dated the Mother for a few months. She became pregnant and… Read More

Can Alimony Be Reduced?

by |Alimony, Divorce
Alimony Reduction Huntsville, AL

It depends on the character of the alimony.  If it’s periodic alimony then it can be reduced if you show there has been a change of circumstance to warrant reducing the alimony.  If it’s alimony in gross it cannot be… Read More

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