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Huntsville Alabama Divorce Blog

Will I Get Alimony?

by |Alimony, Alimony Series
getting alimony cash

Alimony is one of the big topics that clients want to know about. The answers to the question, “Am I going to get alimony?” are wildly divergent. As I was writing the first article about the issue, I realized I… Read More

How is Alimony Determined? Will I Have to Pay?

by |Alimony, Alimony Series
determined alimony for family

This is the first entry to the series on alimony. Much like adultery, the question of alimony can’t be answered easily.  Alimony is awarded based on seven factors, and these are: Age of the parties, length of the marriage Standard of… Read More

Don’t Let Your Support System Fail

by |Mediation
divorce mediation conflict

When people contemplate divorce they often want their family to involved in the initial consultation. Many times, the family members are assisting in the financial aspect and they want to know the logistics of the case. Great. I have always… Read More

Contested Divorce

by |Divorce
Contested divorce attorney

You may have heard the phrase “contested divorce” and wondered, “what exactly does that mean?”  Well, a contested divorce is essentially the opposite of an “uncontested divorce.”  An uncontested divorce is simply a situation where the parties are able to… Read More

How the Pandemic Affected Divorce

by |Divorce
Divorce Decree

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most unusual, stressful and outright bizarre years in modern history.  The Covid-19 pandemic affected everyone; although some more than others.  Many lost their jobs, their normal way of… Read More

Will I Get Custody?

by |Child Custody, Child Support
a girl child is hugging her dad -Appealing Child Custody in Alabama

What Is Child Custody and How Is It Determined? One of the questions that comes up frequently in divorce cases is about custody. The award of custody has become more and more confusing as our legislature makes changes and case… Read More

What Difference Does Adultery Make?

by |Adultery, Divorce
a man removing his wedding ring for a divorce

Divorce on grounds of Adultery I get the question ever so often, what difference will it make if I was cheating? Or unfaithful? Or have a new girlfriend/boyfriend? Or have moved in with someone else? Or had an affair? Things… Read More

Assets in a Divorce in Alabama

by |Divorce
divorce - a woman removing her wedding ring, with toy car and house in front of her and a marriage contract

Join me in a typical consultation for divorce, “What kind of retirement accounts are there?” Puzzled look. I continue probing, “Does your spouse have a 401k?” Heads nodding, a tentative, “Yes, I think so”. “How about a pension plan or… Read More

How Meditation can help you with Litigation

by |Divorce, Uncategorized
Woman meditating

I’ve got many friends who are in the personal development world and it never fails, they will send me a message when I am in mediation. Mediation, with lawyers, and a mediator. A long and usually successful way to resolve… Read More

Am I Too Old to Get Divorced?

by |Divorce
Old couple going through a divorce

I don’t know what it is, maybe the pandemic causing everyone to go stir crazy? Or maybe we are just living longer and we may as well be happy. Or maybe the older I am, the older the clients are… Read More

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