What’s Best for the Kids When Divorcing?

Both parents. Time and again studies have shown the importance of children having access and meaningful relationships with both of their parents. Yet, in the midst of a divorce, often one parent decides it’s best for the kids to be insulated from the other. If there is abuse, or substance abuse issues, or mental health challenges, perhaps safeguards are necessary. But even then, if the parent with the issues is willing to deal with appropriate treatment and supervision, they should have access to their children.

Safeguard Your Children but Give Them Access

The worst situation is when both parties are living in the home and one parent is thwarting the other’s access to the children. It puts the kids in the middle of their parents adversary. Naturally, the children are torn between making both of their parents happy. Don’t do this to your kids.
Please do your best to be civil to one another in front of your kids. Speak to each other about the issues in the divorce away from the presence of your children. Make sure they can’t overhear conversation you may have with other family members that cast the other parent in a negative light.

Agree with each other to put the happiness and peace of your children more important than your anger with each other.


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