Vivid Visualizations and Money Blocks During a Divorce

What’s the next step in your life after one chapter comes to an end?  How do you create a fulfilling life? It all starts with visualization, according to Susan Ball. The March newsletter from Leigh Daniel includes an article written by Susan with tips on how to open the door to all your dreams and goals through visualization. Leigh also sits down with special guest Rachel Hansen to discuss “Money Blocks and Divorce” brought to you by “This is Not Legal Advice”.

Sensational and Vivid Visualization

Susan stresses the importance of developing a “Heart-Centered Goal” and focusing on it as you move forward in life. How do you want to feel? What do you want in life? Writing down and visualizing these things will help bring them into existence.

Susan explores the fine art of visualization and how it requires all five senses to be successful. Some of her clients visualize a perfect house, a perfect yard for the kids, but the visualizations often lack any real senses. She mentions exercises for her clients to help them hear, feel, see, smell, and taste the visualizations.

Susan even provides a list of questions to help clients develop their own “Full Blown 3-Dimensional Movie”. These questions will help create a positive association between them and their new life.

Money Blocks and Divorce

Leigh Daniel and Allison Reiner sit down with money mindset coach Rachel Hansen to discuss practical advice for before, during, and after any type of divorce. Allision helps women discover and overcome money blocks that may keep them stuck in unpleasant situations. Click here to watch the video now.

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