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Can I Get Custody If I’m a Father?

child custody rights for fathers

Yes! I’ve represented many clients over the years who have been awarded custody of their child.

Winning Custody as the Father

In one such case my client had only dated the Mother for a few months. She became pregnant and he stayed as active in the pregnancy as she would allow. The woman had a history of mental illness and drug abuse. It had many years since she had received treatment but my client suspected she used over the counter medication to self medicate. He testified to erratic behavior and a former boyfriend testified to the same behavior when he was with her.

The parties had shared custody through the pendency of the case but my client ultimately was awarded primary custody of the baby. The best interest standard is the what the Court uses to determine who should be awarded custody.

This is not the first time I’ve represented Fathers who have children outside of marriage. I have had two other memorable cases that took several years to win custody but ultimately we prevailed.

Alabama Custody Attorneys: Let Us Help You

Here at Leigh Daniel Family Law, we believe that fathers have the same right to fight for custody as mothers. If you have any questions about your divorce or seeking custody of your child then please contact us at (256) 229-2060 and set up an appointment. Our practice serves Huntsville, AL and surrounding areas.

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