Divorce Lawyers for Men in Huntsville

Many men enter divorce with understandable confusion and fear about what to expect. After what may have been years of providing for a single home, some men now find themselves trying to support two households while losing many of their rights.

Divorce can undoubtedly be a challenging process, but men going through it should understand that they are allowed to fight to keep the things that matter to them the most. They can also pursue child custody rights that let them continue to be the best parent possible for their children.

Alabama divorce laws can be complicated, and some men may face additional issues because of uncooperative spouses. That’s why it is so important to have an attorney with extensive experience helping men who are dealing with divorce and custody issues get the outcome that they desire.

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Men’s Rights During Divorce in Alabama

Property division can be one of the most contentious issues in many divorces. The types of property that are the subjects of these disputes can differ depending on the case. In some cases, couples are arguing over pets or sentimental items. Others are more complicated and may involve motor vehicles, homes, retirement accounts, and credit card debts.

Another issue that can cause difficulties for many men in divorce is spousal support or maintenance, more frequently referred to as alimony. Depending on numerous factors, such as the length of the marriage, a court may order one spouse to pay the other temporary alimony, permanent alimony, or alimony pendente lite (alimony paid during a divorce proceeding).

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Fathers’ Rights and Child Custody

Few issues can become as heated between divorcing couples as issues concerning children. Many fathers assume that courts will automatically give full custody to mothers in divorce cases, but a father actually has just as much of a legal right to custody as the mother.

Child support issues can also be very tricky for many fathers to navigate. Child support in Alabama is typically governed by Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration. It is crucial to pay child support, as failure to do so can result in the suspension of your driver’s license, among other penalties. Let a knowledgeable child support lawyer guide you through this process.

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Leigh Daniel Can Help Men With Divorce and Child Custody Matters

Leigh DanielAre you a man who is considering divorce or has been served with divorce papers in Alabama? You are not alone, nor do you have to navigate this challenging process by yourself. Help is available to you. With an experienced attorney on your side, you can resolve the important issues and move on to a happier life.

Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law, has more than two decades of experience helping men throughout the greater Huntsville area deal with matters related to separation, divorce, property division, alimony, child custody, and child support. Contact Leigh and her knowledgeable team by phone or by filling out a contact form online to schedule a confidential consultation today.