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Huntsville Alabama Divorce Blog

Care For Yourself & Your Kids During Your Divorce

by |Divorce

In my recent newsletter, I featured blog articles from Sara Ann, “Taking Care of Yourself Through Meditation,” and Caroline Palmy’s “Divorce and How to Help Your Kids.” The newsletter also features Jeanni Jones’ “Fair Fighting in a Divorce.” Please take… Read More

Is a Low Cost Divorce Really Possible?

by |Divorce

Divorces tend to be expensive.  Some of my clients tell me they stay married just to avoid the cost of the divorce!  But there are tactics to keep your costs down. Meet with a lawyer before you approach your spouse… Read More

Give-to-Profit: Supporting Charities & Social Causes

by |Events

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who likes supporting charities and social causes? Did you know charitable giving can be a powerful way to turn your business into a force for good? One of my friends, Alisoun Mackenzie, has… Read More

Why an Uncontested is the Way to Go!

by |Uncontested Divorce

If you are new to divorce you may not realize it can be a relatively easy and inexpensive. It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. An uncontested divorce… Read More

Five ways to avoid intimidation in a male business

by |Ask Leigh

We all stood together in the Courtroom. A group of lawyers waiting to speak to the Judge about when our cases will be heard. The only woman in the group, attempting to fit in with my colourful dress and shiny… Read More

Reframing: Walking On The Sunny Side Of The Street

by |Ask Leigh

You want to be in a good mood. Seriously, you don’t really want to be grumpy, bitchy, hateful, or hostile. You are a nice person. Really, you are. But life seems to conspire against you. Take for example a typical… Read More

10 Tips for a Happier Life

by |Divorce

There are many things you can practice to live a happier life- here are just a few suggestions of you are struggling to find some inner peace. Happiness has been a study for me and one that has led me… Read More

Falling on your Sword: Better Known as the Uncontested Divorce

by |Uncontested Divorce

Most of the time even in the worst of marriages, one party decides the marriage is no longer sustainable initially.   Unless the parties are without assets, debts, or children, then the uncontested divorce can be a slippery slope.   If the… Read More

Repossession of your Freedom

by |Child Support

“I can’t send you to jail for not paying your car payment.” “I can’t send you to jail for not paying your mortgage.” “But I can send you to jail for not paying your child support.” These were the sobering… Read More

An Uncontested Divorce Checklist for Alabama: Things to Consider

by |Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse want to make your divorce as easy and inexpensive as possible, then the uncontested divorce is the way to go in Alabama. Even though your marriage may be over, for the uncontested divorce to work… Read More

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