Inner Wisdom & Intuition During Divorce

It’s important to listen to your body and intuition during difficult times in your life, such as divorce. This month’s newsletter focuses on stories about being mindful of your senses, trusting your feelings, and pushing yourself too hard.

Inner Wisdom & Getting Things Done

In this month’s newsletter, Leigh points to an article written by life & work coach Karin Bosveld. Karin examines the story of a successful woman who ended up dealing with a physical crisis from pushing herself too hard. The article summarizes the importance of mindfulness, wisdom, and intuition. “It’s about opening all the senses (including the sixth!), tapping into intuition, realizing our subconscious mind ‘knows’ infinitely more than our conscious mind.” Karin writes.

Intuition Throughout Divorce

Leigh sits down with Allison Reiner and Karin during another episode “This is Not Legal Advice” to discuss using your intuition throughout the entire divorce process. Karin explains the benefits of wisdom and how she can help people harness the power of it. They go on to discuss why it is important to trust your intuition over the thoughts in your head and the dangers of complicating and overthinking things. “The brain tends to put us in a fear state because part of the brain is designed for survival” Karin explains.

Body Consciousness & Weight Loss

Leigh refers to an article about weight loss and body consciousness written by Fiona Robertson. In the article, Fiona opens up about being on a diet since she was 12 years old, due to being so uncomfortable and self-conscious about her body. The diet mentality can lead to feelings of not being good enough and constantly comparing yourself to others, Fiona explains. She goes on to explain how learning more about food, digestion, and proper diets have led her to be at peace with herself. This lead to her creating her support program “Peace with Food”.

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