Top Five “To Do” During or After Your Child Custody Case

1. Be reasonable when it comes to child custody visitation schedules. You may be the one asking for flexibility the next time and need the favor returned.

2. Send receipts for medical bills with both the statement of what was done and the charge and proof that you have paid it. Both are needed to make a clear showing of what’s due and to handle child custody medical decisions together.

3. Stick to your child visitation schedule. Your children get panicked if you aren’t there and often call the other parent. It is not good to put this stress on your children and it makes you look bad.

4. Encourage your children to respect and love the other parent. Whatever animosity you have doesn’t need to be communicated to your children. Bite your tongue and don’t say negative things around them try to encourage positive parenting through divorce.

5. Keep excellent records of when the other parents visits or misses visitation. Including times, dates, and anything of note for your child custody attorney.

What to do During and After your Child Custody CaseWhat to do During and After your Child Custody Case