Divorce and The Holidays: Tips from Huntsville Divorce Lawyer Leigh Daniel

With the arrival of the holiday season, there can be mixed emotions, whether it is a happy and jovial time for those spending time with their friends and families,  or a difficult time for those going through or after a divorce. It is no surprise that a divorce is a hard process, so having the holidays nearby can only make it feel more lonely and difficult. With this in mind, we offer 10 ways to help make the holidays a little easier if you are going through a divorce or have recently been divorced.

10 Ways to Help Get Through the Holidays During or After a Divorce

Leigh recommends 10 ways to help you during the holidays. These tips relate to your own emotional well being, such as knowing your feelings so that you can react and move forward, being flexible and focusing on the goal or outcome. Think about the things that you are thankful for and let go of the anger and hurt. Try to compromise so that things are easier for both side, especially if children are involved and think about the things you say about your ex-spouse in front of your children. Lastly, make sure you do something for you and see the good in the small things.

FAQs Divorced with Children During the Holidays

At Leigh Daniel family law, we understand how difficult the holidays can be when you have children and are divorced. With this in mind, we came up with some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How do I get equal time with my children? What if my children don’t want to visit? I worry about my children when they are visiting with the other parent- what can I do? How do I keep my child out of being in the middle? How can I work with my ex-spouse for our child(ren)’s sake?

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