Self-Love and Co-Parenting After Divorce

Getting divorced from your partner can be a long process filled with negative emotions, from telling your spouse you want a divorce, to figuring out child custody rights, or child support costs. However, it doesn’t all have to be bad. This month’s newsletter shows how you can focus on the positive side of divorce and find good things that come out of the darkness.

 Self-Love During and After Divorce

In the May newsletter, Leigh makes reference to an article by Theresa Fowler who tells the story of her divorce from her husband at age 40. Theresa notes that despite feeling at her lowest point, she was able to find the courage to let go of the uncontrollable and move forward into self-love. For Theresa, it all started by learning how to take care of herself first.

How to Get Your Groove on After…

Theresa sits down with Leigh and Allison Reiner on “This is Not Legal Advice”  to discuss how to get your groove on after any big change in your life. During these crucial times, such as divorce, it’s important to always focus on the future, find the positive things in your life, and love yourself. Click here to watch the video now.

Can You Co-Parent With A Narcissistic Ex?

Leigh examines the topic of co-parenting with the helpful insights of Caroline Strawson. Caroline shares her experiences of dealing with the difficulties of co-parenting with an ex-partner who is a narcissist. This personality disorder can make any relationship hard, especially when children are involved. Caroline explains how she was able to push forward and do what was best for her children, despite being emotionally abused for many years.

Navigating Emotions after a Divorce

Caroline joins Leigh Daniel and Allison Reiner on “This is Not Legal Advice” to examine all the strong emotions that are associated with the divorce process. Caroline offers help for both men and women during the immediate aftermath and beyond.  The secret is simple: make divorce your superpower. Click here to watch the video now.

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