Forgiveness and Loving Yourself After Divorce

There’s no doubt that divorce can cause pain and hurt for all parties involved. This months newsletter considers your own emotional health and how to move on from pain caused by your divorce and relationship.

Divorcing Yourself from Pain

In this newsletter, Leigh notes Pete Cossaboon who offers insights into the pain and suffering that may come with divorce. He quotes Haruki Murakami saying, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” This is felt through his entire article as be discusses was that you are able to move forward from the pain and not let yourself suffer.

Forgiveness: Why It’s So Important to Healing

Leigh, Allison, and Pete go in depth to discuss how forgiveness is essential. Many people allow their anger push their divorce which can ultimately make things more expensive and even harder than it needs to be. Leigh notes that forgiveness happens in more than one way: Yourself, your spouse, and those around you (friends & family etc.). Allison says that by not forgiving, “it is like having a headache and hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Ultimately, not forgiving, will only harm yourself. Pete notes how hard it is to say sorry to someone. But saying “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” This is how to get yourself out of the victim mindset.

Walking Path to Self Love

Leigh Daniel points to Sam Livermore who discusses loving yourself and how it is “an insult from others if you love yourself.” She notes that other people see it as arrogance and it is those people that do not love themselves to understand it.

Leigh Daniel: Huntsville Divorce Attorney

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