Newly Single and Being Open to Love Again

Getting out of any long-term relationship can be difficult. After spending so much time together, you may find that most of your life had been entwined with your former partners.

This month’s newsletter offers advice on how to break free from the effects of long-term relationships, being open to love again, and starting each day with intention.

Single Again: Who Am I Now?

The August Newsletter includes a story from Certified Love and Dating Coach, Josie May. Josie shares her story about how after she got out of a long-term relationship, she realized she had forgotten who she was deep down. She began a year of self-discovery after setting a goal to find out exactly who she was as an individual. After a year of reflecting, questioning, and following her joy, Josie is now able to live a full life again. “When you truly know yourself, then that’s when the magic happens”, Josie writes.

Being Open to Love Again

Leigh joins Allison Reiner and Josie May to discuss finding love again after getting out of a recent relationship. This episode of “This is Not Legal Advice” examines the importance of trusting yourself and your own intuition after any breakup. Josie May offers advice on how you can heal old wounds, believe in yourself, and find a loving, amazing, and fabulous relationship in the future.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Dena Gould shares a story about good karma, intention, and limiting beliefs. She offers tips and advice on how to center our energy every day including visualizing, journaling, and showing gratitude for all that you have in life. “Remember, YOU can control your happiness and decide how you want each day to play out.”, she writes. The phrase “What Goes Around, Comes Around” doesn’t just refer to bad karma. This same principle can be applied to good things, such as kindness to ourselves and others.

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