How the Pandemic Affected Divorce Divorce Rates

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most unusual, stressful and outright bizarre years in modern history. The Covid-19 pandemic affected everyone; although some more than others. Many lost their jobs, their normal way of life, and even lost loved ones.

With all the stress, uncertainty and in some instances, outright chaos, one would assume that anyone contemplating a divorce likely would “pull the trigger” under the circumstances. As I stated above, and as you the reader are likely well aware, many individuals lost their jobs during the pandemic. Money (the lack of, or mismanagement of, for example) in a marriage is one of the primary issues that can drive a wedge between spouses, even in normal economic times. In a situation where one or both spouses may have lost their job, one would expect any existing issues with money would only be amplified thereby causing a greater rift between spouses.

My Thoughts on the Matter as a Divorce Attorney

So, my initial thought is that the pandemic caused divorces to skyrocket. But, I recently read an interesting article that cited several sources giving conflicting information; specifically, that divorces both skyrocketed and declined during the pandemic. I definitely could understand why they skyrocketed. However, after a little more thought, I also understand how the divorce rate could have declined. If a couple is struggling with money, they might be forced to stay together because they simply cannot afford to get divorced. I am not only talking about affording the attorney fees (yes, they can be expensive) but other aspects as well. For example, if they divorce, they may not be able to afford to pay their debts. Maybe, they cannot afford to arrange alternative housing, and child support is an issue if children are involved. Essentially, many spouses contemplating divorce during the pandemic may have chosen to stay married because it made better economic sense.

Hopefully, life will get somewhat back to normal. But regardless of whether the pandemic caused the divorce rate to uptrend or decline, divorce is a stressful event. Accordingly, you need the advice of experienced divorce and family attorneys to guide you through the process. Make sure you choose an attorney who understands your goals and particular needs during one of the most stressful events you will experience. Contact Leigh Daniel, Attorney At Law.


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