Family Care and Recovery

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved. This means that it is essential that all parties take into consideration emotional health. With this in mind, we offer insights into children and how to help them through the divorce process as well as your own emotional health.

5 Tips to Nurture the Emotional Health of Your Child During Divorce

Leigh points to Karin Monster-Peters as a resource to help children throughout the divorce process. Karin Monster-Peters offers 5 tips: 1) Listen 2) Understand 3) Don’t engage in the ‘defending yourself’ or ‘blaming your partner’ game 4) Clearly explain what will happen when you separate and 5) Reassure your child often of both parents’ love for him.

Divorce and What’s Best for your Children 

Leigh and Allison met with Karin Monster-Peters to discuss children and the divorce process. This short video gives input and information of all angles into how to help children with divorcing parents.

GDS: Getting Divorced Sucks 

Jennifer Sutton gives a realistic view of the harsh realities of divorce and that it “inherently sucks.” Shifting your focus to a happy, safe, and healthy life instead of the divorce can help move you to see the bigger picture.

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