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Can Alimony Be Reduced?

Alimony Reduction Huntsville, AL

It depends on the character of the alimony.  If it’s periodic alimony then it can be reduced if you show there has been a change of circumstance to warrant reducing the alimony.  If it’s alimony in gross it cannot be reduced and is considered a property settlement which is non-modifiable in Alabama.

Reducing Alimony Due to Health Issues

Recently, I completed a trial wherein the Husband wanted to reduce the alimony because he had a decrease in his income due to health issues.  However, despite the reduction in his income and hours at work, he was still making substantial money.  He also was spending a great deal of money on an extravagant lifestyle.  When the trial Judge heard that the Husband had purchased a $50,000 plus vehicle after filing the case, she called us in her chambers and asked Husband’s counsel to consider resolving the case.

Alimony Reduction Due to Decreased Income

I had another case where I represented the Husband who had retired.  His income was greatly reduced but he still made quite a bit of money from his retirement accounts and his former wife wasn’t employed.   The Court denied the request to reduce the alimony.  In another case, I had the Court reduce the alimony of my client to $200.00 a month from $1,500.00 because he had a series of heart attacks and was living on his IRA distributions.

Each case should be evaluated looking at the totality of circumstances before a decision is made to reduce alimony.   If you want to know more, then please make an appointment to review your options.

Alabama Alimony Lawyers: We’re Here to Help

Life is like a baseball game, and you can’t always read the curve balls. Luckily, the expert divorce and alimony lawyers of Leigh Daniel Family Law can help you find a settlement when it comes to adjusting your alimony. Contact us today at (256) 229-2060 to get started with a consultation. 

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