5 Common Mistakes People Make While Going Through a Divorce

Life is constantly changing in ways we might never have expected. Sometimes divorce is one of those life-altering moments.

Don’t rush into the process unprepared. Take the time to think about your situation and beware of some of the most common mistakes people make before jumping into divorce.

Here are some things mistakes to avoid when going through a divorce.

1. Not getting your finances in order ahead of time

If you are seeking a divorce in Alabama, it is important to remember that we are an equitable distribution state. That is not the same thing as a 50/50 state.

In Alabama, there is a careful evaluation of several factors that may include each spouse’s contributions to the partnership, both monetary and non-monetary and the ability to earn an income after the separation.

That is why it is important to make copies of your bank statements, financial records, assets, wills, 401(k) accounts, and other pertinent documents and keep them all in a secure location.

2. Putting your kids in the middle

Right now, the most important thing you can do for your family is to be supportive of your children and not put them in the middle of the conflict between you and your spouse. This is a tough time for them as well. Using them in games of manipulation could cause problems and damage your relationship with them.

Alabama follows the “best interest of the child” standard when determining custody. There are 12 factors that a court may apply to decide custody matters. Be sure to review these with your attorney.

3. Oversharing on social media

It is natural to want to talk to others and get them on your side, or to make friends and family members understand how you feel.

Resist the urge to talk about your soon to be ex-spouse on social media. Do not take to social media to disparage your spouse, question their parenting style, or try to gather sympathy for your cause. Airing your dirty laundry could come back to haunt you later.

4. Going from one relationship to the next too quickly

You are going through a divorce. Take time to get your personal life in order and focus on yourself before you bring someone new into a messy situation.

Consider seeking a therapist as an independent third party to talk to. This is the time to stop and think about what went wrong and what you want out of a new beginning.

5. Not consulting a lawyer

This is not the time to try to go it alone. If you are thinking of ending your marriage, or if your spouse has begun to mention the word “divorce” more frequently, you need to consult an attorney.

It is important to get a lawyer on your side to help you navigate Alabama law, file paperwork, and guide you through the entire divorce process.

Are you considering filing for divorce? Now is the time to contact an attorney to help you sort through this difficult time. At Leigh Daniel Family Law, there is no risk involved in consulting with one of our experienced lawyers about your case.

Your life is changing in ways you may not have been able to imagine. Let us help you make that change a positive one. Call us today and let us help guide you through the process and provide the positive, understanding legal counsel that you need during this time.


A respected Huntsville family law attorney with more than 20 years’ experience, Leigh Daniel is known for her positive attitude and her skills in the courtroom. She prides herself in the care and compassion that she and her team put into every case. Her goal is to instill a sense of confidence in her clients so they know success is on the horizon. As an author, inspirational speaker, coach, and founder of Project Positive Change, Leigh stays focused on the positive impact she can make on every client’s case.