Interesting Statistics on Divorce

Divorce Celebration in AlabamaDivorce Celebration in AlabamaAlthough the ultimate wish for every new couple is till death do you part, it is unfortunate that people do not always last that long. It’s our business to help alleviate the stress when two parties come to this conclusion.

  • Approximately 10-13 seconds, a new divorce case will be started in America. Since you began reading this article, one has already been initiated.
  • Did you know that couples who get married at the very young age, between 20-24 years, are prone to the highest rate of divorce? The incredible truth is, for every divorce case married at the age of 25-29 years, there are two or more divorce cases for couples who married at the age of 20-24 years.
  • Many studies have shown that religion does not have a significant effect on the duration of marriage.
  • Approximately 20% of divorces begin within their first 10 years of marriage?
  • Massachusetts is the state that has the lowest divorce rate at 21%. Nevada is the highest at 91%. Apparently what happens in Vegas, doesn’t last in Vegas.
  • Military personnel experience about the same rate of divorce than any other group.