Divorce for Christians & How Our Law Firm Can Help in Huntsville, AL

Deciding to get a divorce is rarely an easy decision. It can be especially difficult for people with strong Christian beliefs. Christian teachings place a great deal of value on the covenant of marriage.  Christian couples enter marriage as a lifetime commitment. Some denominations place restrictions on when couples can get a divorce.

There are added considerations to weigh when you’re a Christian thinking about getting a divorce. You’ll need to decide if your desire for a divorce is compatible with your beliefs and, ultimately, what is best for you and your family.

If you have given the matter prayerful consideration and determined that seeking a divorce is part of God’s plan for you, it’s helpful to work with a compassionate divorce lawyer who understands your values, knows what you’re going through, and relates to your beliefs. At Leigh Daniel Family Law in Huntsville, our divorce lawyers have decades of legal experience helping fellow Christians navigate the divorce process.

Our Alabama family law attorneys can answer your questions and discuss how divorce works within the context of Christian faith. Talking with an attorney can help you be better informed about your options but it does mean you are committed to getting a divorce. While some divorce lawyers are focused on the specific mechanics of the divorce process, our firm takes a more holistic approach that accounts for all aspects of a client’s life, including their religious beliefs.

You can learn more about our legal services by contacting our office. We’re ready to listen and help you determine the best path for you.

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Should I Consider Divorce as a Christian?

Whether or not you’re a Christian, the decision to get a divorce is a deeply personal one. You have to listen to your head and heart when considering a divorce. You know what your needs are, what your beliefs tell you, and whether or not you should continue with your marriage. Seeking advice from a friend, family member, therapist, or spiritual leader can help inform your decision. But you will ultimately have to make the decision to get a divorce.

The importance of marriage in most Christian traditions means you should be thorough when considering getting a divorce. You may be struggling because you still have some positive feelings for your spouse. If there are conflicts in your marriage over substance abuse, financial issues, or adultery, then emotions may be running high and preventing you from evaluating the situation clearly. In these cases, it can be a good idea to seek guidance from someone with a more neutral perspective on your marriage.

Once you’ve taken time to consider the matter, you may reach the conclusion that it is part of God’s plan for you to close this chapter of your life and start a new chapter. At this point, there are still decisions to be made. A divorce does not necessarily have to be an adversarial process. Finding a way to minimize conflict between you and your spouse can make everything easier for your entire family. This is something a Christian divorce attorney can help you accomplish. Our attorneys bring a strong Christian faith and a positive attitude to the job of helping clients who are going through the process of dissolving a marriage. As Christian divorce attorneys, we take pride in being advocates for positive change.

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Key Questions to Consider in a Christian Divorce

If you’re thinking about seeking a divorce as a Christian, here are a few important questions to keep in mind:

  • Does your attorney understand your values and your approach to divorce? For many Christians, divorce is harder because of their religious background. Many Christians prefer to take a less confrontational approach to divorce to minimize the toll on their spouse and children. These differences make it extremely important to find a divorce attorney who understands your religious values. An attorney with a background in Christian divorce cases will better understand the factors at play and can help you navigate the process while still looking out for your best interests.
  • Why do you want a divorce? Alabama law does not require married couples to have a reason if they want to get a divorce. But many Christian traditions only allow divorce in certain situations, such as adultery. If you’re considering divorce, you most likely have good reasons for doing so. It’s important to be as clear-headed as possible throughout the process. Writing down the reasons for a divorce can help, as can seeking advice from a trusted friend or counselor. You’ll need to decide whether your reasons for divorce take priority over the possibility of resolving the conflicts in your marriage.
  • What’s a reasonable outcome to the divorce? Nobody gets everything they want in a divorce. Some compromises will have to be made, and the goal is to find a solution that fits your needs, your spouse’s needs, and the needs of any children you have. Alabama family law provides rules to help couples find the best way forward, but the spouses themselves will largely define what is an acceptable outcome. It’s a good idea to know what your most important goals are in getting a divorce, while bearing in mind that you may not get everything you want.
  • How can you reduce potential conflicts as a result of the divorce? Getting a divorce may strain your relationships with your family and other members of your faith community. One way to minimize these conflicts is to find alternatives to traditional divorce litigation. Mediation, arbitration, and other legal tools can help you negotiate a divorce in a way that offers you a chance to work with your spouse instead of against them. A Christian divorce attorney can assist with finding alternatives to litigation while still protecting your interests.
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What to Think About in a Christian Divorce

Once you’ve decided to get a divorce, you’ll want to do what you can to reach an acceptable outcome and look out for your own and your children’s interests. Here are a few things to think about as you consider the divorce process:

How to make the transition to post-divorce life as smoothly as possible

The longer divorce proceedings last and the more conflict there is during the process, the harder it is on you, your spouse, and your children. Anything you can do to make the divorce process go more smoothly and painlessly should be considered. This may mean opting for mediation or arbitration instead of contentious court proceedings. Mediation and arbitration are more collaborative.

By getting a lawyer who understands the process involved early, you can find a legal strategy that fits your needs and avoid actions that may stoke anger and conflict. A knowledgeable divorce attorney can help you gather the documents you need, plan ahead and avoid errors that might prolong the process. And if your spouse makes things difficult, a divorce attorney at Leigh Daniel Family Law can stand up for you and protect your interests and rights.

Creating a support structure for your post-divorce life

In any divorce, it’s important to seek a resolution that addresses your financial needs and the needs of your children. However, learning to live without the emotional support of a spouse is a challenge for many divorced couples. Without your spouse around, you’ll need to make sure you have other people who can help you navigate this transition.

Going through a divorce can also be emotionally fraught. It’s important to have friends, family, and other people to help you when you’re hurting. If you need additional emotional support, consider reaching out to a professional therapist or members of your faith community.

Be prepared for a certain amount of acrimony

Only you know whether divorce is the right option for your situation. Some people in your faith community may not see it that way. It’s important to be prepared for this eventuality. If you are feeling somewhat isolated from your community after a divorce, you’ll need other people to turn to for guidance and emotional support.

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Resources on Divorce for Christians

Divorce is an issue that many Christians struggle with, and there are many online resources available that can help you navigate the divorce process. Here are a few helpful links:

Why It Matters to Have a Divorce Attorney Who Understands Your Faith

Getting a lawyer who can provide trusted guidance that takes into consideration your religious values can make the divorce process much easier on you. All of us at Leigh Daniel Family Law were raised in the Christian faith. As attorneys, we seek to be understanding and helpful to people of all religious faiths.

Here are some reasons to get help from a divorce attorney at Leigh Daniel Family Law:

  • Our attorneys are sensitive to your faith.
  • Our attorneys offer legal guidance in keeping with your values.
  • Our attorneys seek to keep the divorce process moving forward smoothly and avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • An attorney can help you look out for your children’s best interests, especially if your spouse does not share your religious beliefs.

How Our Law Firm Can Help Christians Considering Divorce

At Leigh Daniel Family Law, our lawyers have experience handling Christian divorces. Your attorney will listen to your needs and help you find the right strategy to protect your interests while keeping conflict between you and your spouse to a minimum.

When you work with a compassionate divorce attorney at Leigh Daniel Family Law, you can be assured that someone who understands your beliefs is looking out for your future. Get an initial consultation by calling our office or visiting our contact page.

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