Uncontested Divorce Cost

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost in Alabama?

Many people choose to move forward with an uncontested divorce because over all, they are cheaper than a contested divorce.

However, in some instances, an uncontested divorce can cost more money than just the flat initial fee. That fee covers the basics of an uncontested divorce and depending on your circumstances, there may be additional items that need to be addressed.

What Can Increase the Cost of My Uncontested Divorce?

In general, these things require more time, attention, and detail.

Child Support Forms, Deeds, and QDRO in an Uncontested Divorce

Child support forms, deeds, qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs), etc. are essential documents to you divorce and will have to be approved not only by the Judge but also certain companies. We often have to make multiple phone calls, draft letters and send certified mail in order to complete the process.

If your circumstances require any of these additional documents, this would result in an additional fee and an increased cost for your uncontested divorce. However, our Alabama divorce attorneys are aware that you would like to keep a low expense ( potentially your decision to move forward with an uncontested divorce), we will do everything in our power to get these items completely as quickly as possible to keep costs low.

Why Hire a Huntsville Attorney for Your Uncontested Divorce?

You can find many outlets online to prepare your uncontested divorce yourself, however there is a risk involved. While it may cost more initially to hire counsel, you may be saving yourself in the long run. Getting legal advice you need during the divorce process will help you avoid making critical mistakes, that could leave you with the short end of the stick later on.

A lawyer can explain to you the laws of your state and will look out for your best interest, knowing your specific situation. When dealing with child support, custody,  and retirement, you want to be sure you know and understand the law so that you can get what you deserve out of your divorce. Contact Leigh Daniel Family Law today for help.