Divorce and Fathers Rights in Huntsville

Leigh Daniel has experience working with father’s rights and issues involving dads in a divorce. Here are some recent cases we have handled:

Case 1: Father Recovered Children in an Emergency Situation

Our firm helped a husband recover his children in an emergency situation.

We represented the father in a custody dispute that took a dramatic turn. His wife had taken their children to a boyfriend’s house in another state. She was suffering from documented mental problems and had even mentioned suicide. The day after a visit to a hospital emergency room, she took the children and fled the state in a panic.

Our firm persuaded the court to hold an emergency hearing. The judge ordered the mother to return the children to the father. The judge also gave the father sole custody of the children and exclusive use of the couple’s home. The judge granted the mother visitation rights, as long as her meetings with the children were supervised.

The father retained custody, pending a final hearing in the matter.

Case 2: Our Firm Represented a Husband Whose Wife Filed a Lawsuit Against Him to Enforce Another State’s Order. We Went to Court in Alabama and Objected to the Out of State Order.

We stopped an attempt by an out-of-state judge to make our client pay disputed bills. Our firm was able to prevent a Foreign Judgement issued in another state from being entered to collect disputed medical bills.

Our firm represented a husband whose wife filed a lawsuit against him to enforce another state’s Order. We went to court in Alabama and objected to the out of state Order.

The judge agreed with us, and now the mother will have to seek reimbursement for those medical bills in an Alabama court.

Case 3: We Helped Resolve a Challenging Child Visitation Issue Peacefully and With Minimal Expense for the Father.

Our firm represented a father who lived out of state and was seeking the right to visit his children in Alabama, where they lived with their mother. Our client also wanted to maintain a positive relationship with the mother.

We arranged an informal mediation session that gave both the father and the mother a way to address the situation without causing them to pay additional legal fees.

It was a positive first step in bringing the parties together to discuss visitation rights for the father.

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