What to do When You’ve Been Served Divorce Papers

Have you been served with divorce papers and want to know what you should do next? Leigh explains what your options are in this short video.

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When somebody calls our office and they say they've just gotten served with papers, we immediately tell them to come in. It's really important not to just put those papers in a drawer, put them on your desk, hang them on your wall, you have to take action because you are gonna only have a certain amount of time to answer those papers. If it's juvenile court it's only 14 days. However, if it's a circuit court case then you're gonna have 30 days.

But you need to answer, because if you don't, your spouse can file or your spouse or whoever sued you can file a default against you. If you've gotten served make an appointment with us immediately to come in and talk about what we need to do next. You're gonna have to answer the case even if you think you can resolve it. It's very important that you answer the case with the court, because I have seen it happen when you think you are negotiating with your spouse, they run and file a default against you. You can't always trust what the person you're divorcing is about to do. It's really important to answer those papers when you get them served on you, so come on in and talk to us and we'll help you figure that out.