Leigh Daniel Family Lawyer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on the care and service we offer and on being a highly rated divorce attorney.

Below are some testimonials from family law cases we’ve handled. You can also see more reviews, and our 5/5 star rating, on Google. To view or download a PDF with all of our testimonials, click here.

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Leigh is amazing. She did everything in her power to make sure I was taken care of and that I got what I wanted. Her and her staff went above and beyond for me. I would recommend her to anyone and would go back to her for any legal needs.

— Hope B.
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Leigh’s kindness, confidence, and genuine interest in my case made a very difficult situation much easier. Leigh and her coworkers were very professional and knowledgeable, and seemed to genuinely believe in my case. Her law firm supported me in negotiating a very reasonable custody settlement in which the issues which were important to me were taken into account. I will definitely use them again if I need an attorney in the future!

— Emma K.
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It has been a wonderful pleasure having Leigh Daniel and Associates as my lawyer. I retained their service for a divorce. It is a hard thing to come to grips with the fact that you want to file for a divorce after many years of giving your life to someone. Especially, when there are also children involved. You have to really be sure about what it is your doing.

Leigh Daniel and Associates helped make this process much easier for me. Which no divorce is easy, but it helped greatly know they were on my side. I was very nervous and the first visit I explained my situation. Leigh provided all information in regards to laws, courts, process, etc. I at first felt overwhelmed by all the information, but they helped greatly in making the process much easier. Divorce is a hard enough thing to go through without dealing with lawyers wanting to go for it all or “Go for the throat” so to speak. Leigh and her team didn’t do that at all. They kept me aware of all my rights every step of the way. Provided me with different solutions and left me to make the final decisions. They definitely don’t like tying up the court system and having to drag things out when it is not necessary. They were always very quick to respond and send letters, information to court system immediately. They always gave great advice to help in all situations.

My divorce became final at mediation without having to go to court. This was very nice. When it was all over it was sad in many ways. One because now I am on my own and don’t have anyone to count on in life. I know now that my decision was a good decision and I’m very happy in my life. Two because now I’m not talking to Leigh and her team all the time like before, kind of like going 9 months with your doctor to deliver a baby and then the baby is born and you don’t see that doctor again for a long time.

I know I can always count on Leigh and her team for support. Leigh and her team are very honest, respectful group of people and I would refer them to any of my friends.

— Jackie Fitch
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Leigh is such a kind, caring person. She always goes above and beyond for her clients. She has amazing interest and concern for everyone that she works with. She pores herself into every case always striving for what is best for her client. Thank you Leigh for all you do!

— Christy Hawkins Dunn
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Leigh Daniel handled my military divorce and made what was a truly difficult time in my life bearable. She guided me through the maze with her expertise, positive outlook, and confidence. She is so competent and responsive with a high level of integrity. She always listened to my concerns, as well as researched to find solutions. I would recommend Leigh and her staff to anyone.

— Barbara Rich
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Leigh has provided excellent legal services and I would highly, highly recommend her to any of my friends and family. She is smart, compassionate and will do what is in my best interest. I can’t recommend her enough. Her offices are beautiful (I love the original art collection) and a comfortable place to meet during stressful time in life. I love her rescue dog Potcakes – when there was crying – Potcakes is there to comfort. Trust is everything, and she has my trust.

— Nancy
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Everyone at this office is kind and helpful. Divorce is painful and tedious and often overwhelming, but they walked me through it. After Leigh helped me negotiate a settlement, she asked how I felt. I said, “I don’t know,” but the word that I thought of was “blank.” I was afraid that sounded negative, but later I realized I felt like the blank page between parts one and two of a long book. I’m writing the 1st paragraph of Part 2 now.

— Margaret Mcconnell
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Leigh and Tiffany were so helpful and professional, willing to explain the legalities and support me during the divorce process. They were so patient with all of my questions and uncertainties. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the legal fees , which was great since it was uncontested. Please consider consulting Leigh for all of your family law needs. Very nice staff, too!

— Nancy Lee
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I went for several consultations where the attorney was happy to collect their fee without providing useful information. All they did was explain the legal process and what they expected from me. The minute I sat down with Leigh, it felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. She was so warm and friendly and treated me with kindness and respect. Leigh listened to me…she actually allowed ME to speak and provided useful guidance giving my consultation considerable value. My divorce was very traumatic for me and Leigh made me feel so much better and informed me of what I needed to do so that I was protected.

It was very important to me that I had good communication with my attorney. I could always reach Leigh via email, and phone calls were promptly returned. If I needed to see Leigh, I was able to get an appointment within a reasonable time period…this was invaluable to me.

Leigh is so non-judgmental and I could tell her anything without feeling self conscious. In addition to excellent attorney representation, Leigh’s staff provides support that is just as warm and friendly as she is. Leigh worked hard for me, she “stuck it out” and encouraged me when others might not have. The end result was an excellent outcome and fair settlement. I truly can’t say enough good things about Leigh, and welcome anyone to get in touch with me for specific questions about my case and representation.

— Jennifer T.
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During the spring of 2010, I retained Leigh Daniel for an ongoing custody case for my 10-year-old son and defense against a superfluous contempt motion. My ex-spouse has a behavioral disorder that is non-conducive to a peaceful family environment. Also, she had filed a contempt motion against me for noncompliance with a divorce decree when, in fact, I was in technical compliance per the order. Ms. Daniel advertises that she and her staff practice the “CARE Philosophy”. The following is my critique on her compliance to each facet of this philosophy.

  1. Communicating with the Client – Ms. Daniel is very responsive to each email, phone call, and unannounced visits to the office. This includes responses via email on holidays. Either Ms. Daniel or a member of her staff will return inquiries or information within a day. I have never experienced a situation where I was waiting a week for a response to information or inquiries.
  2. Appropriate Recommendation for Positive Actions – Ms. Daniel is very forthright and honest when making recommendations regarding my case. In fact, before a change of circumstances, Ms. Daniel told me, as a father, it would be “tough” to reverse custody. I had made several suggestions that would have incurred cost on my behalf. Ms. Daniel was quick to dismiss these suggestions, which save on fees and serves as testimony of her integrity. All proactive actions Ms. Daniel has recommended has benefited my case.
  3. Representation in Court – As a former Sheriff’s Deputy, I have observed literally hundreds of attorneys perform in court. Some attorneys are complacent and lethargic with their courtroom presentations. April 2011, Ms. Daniel presented my case during an Emergency Pendante Lite hearing for custody of my son. She subpoenaed more than enough witnesses, complied appropriate documentation, and even presented evidence “on the fly” as the oppositions’ testimony changed. Ms. Daniel presented my case professionally and aggressively which resulted in temporary custody of my son.
  4. Extended Client Relationship through Referral – Ms. Daniel made several recommendations to resources such as the Warrant’s Magistrate, Child Psychologist, and others. I would consider all these referrals to be relevant to my case and not a waste of time or financial resources. On March 1st 2011, evidence presented itself which required an Emergency Hearing for Child Custody. When Ms. Daniel received notification of this evidence, she and her staff immediately filed for an emergency hearing. The emergency hearing was held shortly after. Ms. Daniel more than adequately prepared for the hearing to include the subpoena of witnesses and compilation of evidence. She represented my case aggressively to squelch the rhetoric and untruthfulness of the opposition. With the evidence provided and Ms. Daniel’s superior presentation skills, the Court awarded me with temporary legal and physical custody of my son. Ms. Daniel continues to represent me as the final hearing nears closer.

In closing, Leigh Daniel and her staff operate the best legal practice I have ever observed.

— Joseph V. Lucius, III