Leigh Daniel Family Lawyer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on the care and service we offer and on being a highly rated divorce attorney.

Below are some testimonials from family law cases we’ve handled. You can also see more reviews, and our 5/5 star rating, on Google. To view or download a PDF with all of our testimonials, click here.

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Making a big decision such as divorce can be quite daunting especially if you do not know the ins and outs when it comes to family law. I remember feeling anxious about taking that first step into wanting a better life for myself but not knowing exactly what my rights were as a woman and in the state of Alabama. I was relieved when I went to Leigh Daniel’s office and was informed of how the law…works and all the important details which I needed in order to make wise decisions to protect my rights. The best part about it was that I wasn’t in it alone. Leigh and Ashleigh Meyer (staff lawyer) were right there with me. They took the time to answer all my questions and to point out different scenarios in order to help me make the best choices for me. Their passion for the law and compassion for people in dire situations make the perfect ingredients for these “take charge and get results” attorneys. I think anyone would want those qualities in a lawyer. I know I would and do! I’m so pleased I made that first call to Leigh. Thanks to Leigh and her staff, my life will never be the same and I look forward to a brighter future.

— Kelly Mann
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Leigh handled a custody case for me that I thought was hopeless. She was very open and honest about what I, and my family, could expect. I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge, her patience and the way she interacted with my children. She was very responsive throughout the proceedings and never left me “in the dark”. Ultimately, the custody case had exactly the outcome I was hoping for but never expected. I am convinced Leigh’s determination and willingness to fight for her client are what led to a favorable outcome for my children and my family. I can never thank her enough for the time she put into my case and her dedication to helping my children.

— Matt Hurst
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I want to thank both Leigh and Nancy for your extraordinary due diligence and compassion and caring for my daughter. Your firm has exemplified everything that humanity would want from dedicated advocates for a person and family that has been bullied and humiliated for many years by an ex-partner that is very troubled.

We never dreamed we would find a group such as yours to help our family. I am speaking in the plural, for this hardship and insanity, which just continues with an ex, affects all of our family. We treasure and love our daughter and all of the babies. This situation has caused many sleepless nights for us all. But I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank you and your wonderful team for all of your dedication and hard work, to help my daughter.

You guys need and must know what you do really does change lives. Your impact on my daughter’s state of mind through all of this nonsense has made an incredible difference on how she views herself and the world. You have made a DIFFERENCE! And that is very important, for you to know and for me to acknowledge. Again, thank you!!

— A Proud Mother
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I had the pleasure of using Leigh Daniels and associates twice. Both times my treatment was the same. My PA went over and beyond and made sure everything was in proper order for court. The front office staff was also a delight to work with always making sure my messages were delivered promptly. Some cases can take over a year to be finished between that time there was consistent communication and updates on a regular basis. When going to court I’ve have never seen such a professional like Leigh Daniels. She walked in to court knowing every detail of the case and she stood her ground for my case. If your looking for an outstanding Attorney, look to Leigh Daniels and Associates. You’ll be happy that you did.

— Donna K.
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Working with Leigh Daniel was a fantastic experience! Leigh was able to navigate through my difficult case and got a reasonable settlement. Leigh and her team are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. I highly recommend using Leigh Daniel and her team to anyone who needs Family Law representation in north Alabama.

— Jonathan B.
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Leigh and her staff were very supportive as I went through the process. They were not focused on them and fees. They focused on my situation and compassionate about how I was doing throughout the process. I felt that I was the primary focus through the process. Highly recommend them.

— Anthony S.
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Leigh understands how Narcissistic spouses take advantage of the uneducated spouse. She listened to me and did not dismiss my thoughts or feelings. Leigh put the time and effort into researching and documenting case law rulings that I believe was instrumental in preserving the original ruling despite the defenses motions to amend in their favor. The staff are friendly, courteous and helpful.

— Greg S.
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Everyone at Leigh Daniel and Associates are very kind and professional. Andrea Cates was my attorney and from my very first meeting with her I knew she was the lawyer for me! She listened to me, comforted me and guided me through every step of my divorce. She and her staff were always available when I had a question or didn’t understand something! Andrea made sure that my children and I got the settlement that we deserved! I highly recommend Andrea Cates!! Thank you Andrea for everything!

— Erica H.
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Really wish I had hired Leigh as my attorney in the very beginning! Leigh provided great service and excellent communication throughout my process of revising an outdated child custody agreement from another state. Initially, hired an attorney who provided no service nor made any progress for me. Leigh quickly jumped into my case to get it on track which resulted in a positive resolution. Wendy also was great to work with! Really appreciate the efforts of the entire office. Would not hesitate to recommend to others!

— Brian B.
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After paying thousands of dollars for a previous attorney we realized how that attorney dropped the ball on our case and was not moving forward. On short notice we explained our story to Leigh and thankfully she took our case. She has top notch legal knowledge & experience as well as someone that works for her that knows the legal aspect of the Military. If you see her webpage it tells you more about her staff…she hires the best. The ONLY attorney I’ve ever heard of that communicates daily and does not try to get out of court. They are truly there for you every step of the way…to calm you, answer questions, and best of all to be your advocate! I promise on all that I have you will not find a better firm that this one. I’m forever thankful for all she has done!!!