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Divorced Couple

The Art of Being Divorced

You thought the hard part was over, the divorce is over, but the challenges aren’t. After 27 years of practicing law, I’ve realized how difficult the after can be. I see many, many clients after their divorce trying to sort through and figure it all out as single parents. Navigating co-parenting can be a nightmare. You may have a difficult, abusive, mentally, or emotionally challenged, or substance abusing ex. You have a sheaf of papers telling you what to do but honestly, it’s confusing and you need help.

I’m here for you.

Along with my own experience and advice, and after representing thousands of clients, I know what you need. The Art of Divorce will be a continuing series of interactive workshops and lectures on challenges after the divorce. I’ve assembled a team of experts and laypeople who will cover both tough and lighthearted subjects. Sign up to receive notice of the dates, times, and speakers.
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The list of topics is:

  • Coparenting with toxic ex-spouses
  • Dating again, best practices when you are a single parent.
  • How to discuss sensitive topics with your children.
  • Gaining confidence after a tough divorce.
  • Investing your money for the future.
  • The best way to document contempt by your ex.
  • Coparenting best practices.
  • How to deal with new partners.
  • Letting go of anger and forgiveness.
  • Self-care. Parents need it too.
  • Healing from trauma.
  • Helping preteens and teenagers accept rules in both parents’ houses.
  • Dealing with a mentally ill ex.
  • Dealing with anger issues.
  • Dealing with threats and protection orders.
  • Best tactics for communicating with an ex (or their new partner)
  • How can you be more active even if you aren’t the sole custodian?
  • What does joint custody really mean?
  • Should I go back to court?
  • How to be effective at conflict resolution.
two couples

The “Art of Being Divorced”

is intended to give you insight, encouragement, and most importantly tools to manage after the divorce in a more empowered way.

The workshops are open to everyone for a small fee to cover the cost of food and beverages. Due to the limited space in the Gallery, attendance will be limited to 40 people per event. Buy your ticket to guarantee your seat and so we can do a conflict check. We will make sure you and your ex aren’t both in the same group. How awkward!

Leigh Daniels

Buy Your Tickets

You can request tickets here. The cost is $15.00 per event or pay $99.00 to secure your attendance and guarantee your spot for the entirety of the series, in effect conflicting out your ex (unless you want them to come!). The value is immeasurable as you learn from experts who charge hundreds of dollars per hour. During the Q & A get your hard questions answered saving you an expensive consultation with an attorney. Learn from others who’ve been there and most importantly, feel supported. You can move forward with confidence.
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  • Each event will open at 5:30 to meet and greet, get snacks and a drink, find a good seat, meet like-minded people, and look around the gallery, Gallery 1:11, at 2011 Gallatin Street, SW, Huntsville, Alabama 35801.
  • 6:15 we will get started with the introduction to the topic where I will give you a brief overview of my experience of the topic.
  • 6:45 I will take questions in anticipation of our guest speaker.
  • 7:00-7:45 our speaker will home in on the topic at hand. Giving you actionable steps, you can take with you.
  • 7:45 -8:15 Final Q and A.
  • 8:15-8:30 Say your goodbyes and leave feeling empowered. You’ve totally got this!
All the participants will receive an advanced copy of my book, “This is not Legal Advice, Practical Advice for before, during, and after the Divorce” and a discount code for any purchase at Gallery 1:11.
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