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Huntsville, AL

Leigh Daniel Family Law Office

Huntsville Family Law Firm

A Firm Dedicated to Huntsville Family Law

At Leigh Daniel Family Law, our roots run deep in Huntsville. When we opened our firm in 1997, our goal was to help families through tough times and encourage our clients to focus on positive outcomes. Almost 20 years later, our tight-knit Huntsville family law firm has helped hundreds of people throughout Madison County and Northern Alabama resolve countless domestic relations matters and the quality of the legal services performed has been second to none.

Located in a small renovated house on Rison Avenue, just south of the intersection of Andrew Jackson Way Northeast and Oakwood Avenue Northeast, our office is conveniently located off of Interstate 565 a couple miles north of downtown Huntsville Alabama. We enjoy the homey feel of our office and the neighborhood, and our clients appreciate the intimate setting and personalized service our firm provides.

If you are coping with a serious family law matter, whether it’s a looming divorce, complicated child custody arrangement, or alimony issues, contact our skilled Huntsville family lawyers today. Call or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

Our Office Location

Leigh Daniel, Attorney At Law

2011 Gallatin Street

Huntsville, AL 35801

(256) 551-0500

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How We Help Residents Who Need a Huntsville Family Lawyer

Although many of the clients we work with come to us during a dark time in their lives, we are committed to guiding them to a better future. As a Huntsville divorce law firm, our team is:

  • Dedicated to open and honest communication. When we first meet, we will go over all the details of your family law matter and discuss your goals for a positive outcome. We will explain how our team will fight for your rights, and we will be straightforward if there are situations that could require compromise. You can expect that we will always be available to talk about your case and answer any questions that come up. We return client calls and emails within 24 hours, so you are never left wondering what’s happening with your case.
  • Committed to creating a strategy specifically tailored to you. Every family law case is different because every person is different. We know how delicate it can be to navigate family dynamics and personalities in these types of cases, and we will develop a strategy that makes sense for you and your goals.
  • Skilled at negotiating hot-button issues and arguing for your best interest. Our dedicated Huntsville family lawyer team has decades of experience successfully working with clients through informal negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and trial. Although we care deeply for our clients, we bring an objective perspective to the table when emotions are running high. Our focus is always on your best interest, whether that means negotiating a compromise or taking your case all the way to trial.
  • Ready to connect you with additional sources of support. Although our compassionate Huntsville family law attorneys are always ready to lend an ear when you need to talk, we can also connect you with other local professionals who can offer you support and sound advice. This may include counselors, therapists, financial planners, and other experts who can provide you with guidance on important non-legal matters.

Practice Areas of Our Huntsville Family Law Office

At Leigh Daniel, Attorney at Law, our seasoned Huntsville family law team has decades of experience in a variety of legal services. Our practice areas include:

No matter what type of family law issue you are facing, you deserve an attorney who is caring and confident that your case can be resolved successfully. Contact our compassionate Huntsville family law attorneys today to discuss how we can help with your case. Call or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

Huntsville Family Law Legal Information

Depending on what type of family law matter you are dealing with in Huntsville, you may need to visit the local courthouse’s family law division, located at:

If you are coping with a domestic violence issue, you may also be able to seek help from these agencies while our legal team works on getting a protective order:

In addition to ensuring you have all the legal resources you need to navigate your family law case, our compassionate legal team can connect you with Huntsville divorce support groups, children’s support groups, therapists, and financial planners who can help you focus on the positive changes you want to see in your life.

Contact us today to begin the next chapter of your life. Our Huntsville family law attorneys are ready to discuss your case and give you a boost of confidence about what your future holds.

Huntsville: A City Focused on the Future

Just as our compassionate family law attorneys encourage our clients to stay focused on their futures, the City of Huntsville has always had its eye on the next frontier. As a high-tech haven with a rich history, the city is home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command, Redstone Arsenal, and Cummings Research Park.

With a population of more than 190,000, Huntsville is the seat of Madison County. Even with its reputation as a city for big business, Huntsville still has the feel of a Southern hometown, with the beautiful Tennessee River flowing along its southern edge and many pre-Civil War homes still standing in the Twickenham Historic District.

At Leigh Daniel Family Law, we are proud to call Huntsville Alabama home. And we strive to help Huntsville residents who are struggling with complicated family law matters push through to get to a better place in their lives. After all, we believe that happier people make for a better community.

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Leigh Daniel, Attorney At Law

2011 Gallatin Street

Huntsville, AL 35801

(256) 551-0500

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